The MDF Toilet Seats
in Lacquered Polyester

With the lacquered finish, MDF toilet seats are historic products that never lose their charm.

Wide range of colors available: it will always be possible to combine it with that of the sanitary fixture chosen for the bathroom.

MDF Toilet Seats:
Ecological and Certified

MDF is a derivative of the wood and is used to obtain a very wide range of toilet seats, both in terms of shapes and colours. It is obtained from the mixture of first choice virgin wood resins and fibres and is extremely respectful of the environment.
The duration of the toilet seat depends on its quality. For this reason, we use only and exclusively FSC®-certified MDF PANELS, whose origin is traced at every stage of processing. Produced in Italy and subjected to both water and press tests, our MDF toilet seats withstand stresses up to 300kg in weight to always guarantee maximum comfort and durability.

Corrosion Resistant Hinges

The choice in the use of hinges is fundamental in the life of the toilet seat. For this reason, on all MDF toilet seats we mount hinges that pass the anti-corrosion and load resistance tests with brilliant results. The components are made in Italy: a choice designed to guarantee unparalleled reliability and durability.
In addition, only the most suitable fixings are used for the type of sanitary fixture on which the toilet seat will be installed, with particular attention to the ease of the installation.

Choose whatever colour you want

The choice of colours is really wide. All the lacquered polyester MDF models are available in the colours of the sanitary ware. In this way it is always possible to choose the right solution for the installed sanitary ware.

Eurocornici - Soft Close

Soft Close

The system adjusts the speed
of descent of the toilet seat, for a quieter and more comfortable bathroom.

Certificazione FSC

Certificazione FSC®

The attention to the environmental protection is really high.
For this, we only and exclusively use FSC®-certified CARB MDF, sourced only from responsibly managed forests.

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