The Toilet Seat
in Thermosetting Ureic Resin

The toilet seats in thermosetting urea resin guarantee high and long-lasting performance.

Elegant design, comfort and resistance.

Urea Toilet Seats:
made to last

Thermosetting urea resists extreme breaking tests, scratches and abrasions. It is waterproof and non-flammable.

Makes the surface of the toilet seat extremely rigid and smooth. In addition, thanks to its non-porosity it always guarantees maximum hygiene. All this ensures that the toilet seats made with this material have a quality that remains unchanged even after years of frequent use.

Slow close system.
Silence and Safe

The Soft Close system adjusts the closing speed of the toilet seat, cushioning it for greater silence. The result is a quieter and more comfortable bathroom.

Hanges and fixings of first choice

For the toilet seats in thermosetting urea resin we use stainless steel hinges, a guarantee of resistance and reliability. Not only. All assembled hinges are subjected to rigorous resistance tests to always guarantee maximum durability. With the practical Top-Fixing system from above, it will no longer be necessary to lie down under the toilet to tighten the nuts and ensure perfect anchoring. Translated: speed and practicality both in assembly and in case of replacement. In addition, all components are made of steel to ensure optimal and long-lasting fixing.

An endless colour palette

Black, gray or white makes no difference. Thanks to the automated manufacturing techniques, it is possible to choose the toilet seats in thermosetting urea resin also with a matt finish. In this way, adding an extra touch of elegance to the bathroom will be even easier, customizing it according to your tastes or those of your customers. To stand out from the others. Always.

Eurocornici - Soft Close

Soft Close

The system adjusts the speed of descent of the toilet seat, for a quieter and more comfortable bathroom.

Eurocornici - Top Fixing

Top Fixing

The practical Top Fixing system to allow easier fixing from above. You no longer need to lie down under the toilet to tighten the nuts.

eurocornici-take off

Take Off

Cleaning the toilet has never been easier. The quick release system allows an accurate, simple and fast hygiene of all the components of the toilet.

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