Production Capacity

Technology and competence: the right mix for a product
that meets the expectations.

Robotized and manual presses for thermosetting toilet seats. In addition to computerized machines and collaborative robots, the production department can count on cutting-edge technologies to create high-quality toilet seats in Duroplast or lacquered MDF.
The production plants are spread over 12,000 square meters to ensure an efficient response to the challenges of the market.

The entire production process is subjected to checks and verifications to ensure the constant achievement of high and uniform quality standards.

The Attention to energy saving is maximum, especially in the process plants of production units: energy from renewable sources is used with the commitment to contain consumption and all emissions.

Continuing to invest in this perspective is essential to improve performance, in order to meet the expectations of an increasingly attentive and demanding market.

All this has allowed the development of a wide range of toilet seats, placing the company among the most important manufacturers in terms of innovation and production lines in the sector.

Thanks to the perfect synchronization between the departments, Eurocornici is able to promptly process orders in compliance with the deadlines agreed with the customer. To offer a quality service together with a wide range of products is the goal of the company.

The quality control of the entire production process guarantees a constant check to ensure a product free from classic manufacturing defects.

Through continuous and shared training, all workers are made aware of the attention to the details and to monitoring their work.

The end result is a perceived quality above expectations.

Engineering and Design

From consulting to design.
From the development of mathematics
to the construction of molds for new models.

We put all the experience and innovative technology of our production plants at the service of our customers.

Starting from a ceramic vase or an ad hoc technical drawing, we create and design customized toilet seats thanks to the know-how gained over the years.

All customers are supported by the technical office from the initial design stages, through to the finalization of the prototype and the choice of accessories and hinges. The technicians follow the realization of the molds and production equipment step by step, applying the fundamental best practices that distinguish a totally Made in Italy product.

The collaboration with some of the most important and renowned architectural firms in the sector allows to modulate production, adapting it to market trends without sacrificing the mechanical and functional characteristics that have always distinguished all the products of Eurocornici.

Quality guaranteed over time

Tested and certified.
For guaranteed quality.

A state-of-the-art technical laboratory with the most modern equipment for the analysis and evaluation of materials and components.

Technologically advanced machinery.

All toilet seats are tested with simulations in extreme situations of use, to study chemical and mechanical reactions, always ensuring the highest quality.

Static and dynamic load tests, mechanical durability tests, humidity resistance tests, corrosion resistance tests of metal hinges, chemical resistance tests and specific tests for slow-closing seats.

All tests are carried out regularly, following the most important European standards recognized by the sector (NF XP 12-207).
To ensure a guaranteed quality over time, we are a certified company and we collaborate with the main certifying bureaus.

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