Technology and skill: the blend for a product you can count on

The production department employs manual and robot presses. Automated production, using computerised and robotic machinery, allows constant control of the manufacturing process and means that high quality thermoplastic urea seats can be produced economically and with consistent quality standards. Great efforts have been made to maximise energy efficiency, and to minimise the emissions of all processing and production facilities through the use of renewable energy sources. Recent significant investments in this area have produced results that satisfy the most rigorous market demands.

Important market-leading businesses continue to work with us to produce a full range of moulds and products, confirming us as one of the most important and innovative toilet seat manufacturers. Perfect coordination between the moulding, deburring and packing departments means that we meet delivery dates agreed with clients.

Finally, all three stages of the production process are subject to constant quality control procedures to ensure a defect-free product. Production staff receive constant training on the importance of attention to detail and the need to perform continuous checks on all aspects of their work, enabling them to achieve quality levels that exceed expectations.


Consultancy, design, development and construction of moulds for new models.

Starting from a ceramic bowl or from a technical sketch, we plan and design custom-made seats, offering our experience and innovative technology to producers of bathroom fittings and furnishers alike. Our technical office assists customers from design to production of the custom prototype and the selection of accessories and hinges. Eurocornici Srl engineers carefully supervise the creation of moulds and production equipment, applying the logic and skills that characterize a product made entirely in Italy and produced entirely in our production facilities.

We work at close contact with some of the most renowned architecture firms in the sector. This is how we modulate our production, adapting it to the most recent market trends, while maintaining the excellent mechanical and functional properties that have always characterized Eurocornici Srl products.


Testing, certification and guaranteed quality

Eurocornici Srl possesses an advanced technical laboratory that employs state-of-the-art facilities to analyse and evaluate component materials. Technologically advanced equipment is used to simulate extreme conditions of seat use, to examine resultant chemical and mechanical damage, and to guarantee the highest levels of quality.

Products are tested for static and dynamic load resistance, mechanical durability, resistance to humidity and chemical substances, and the corrosion resistance of metal hinges. There are specific tests for soft-close models and all tests are performed regularly and in accordance with the sector’s most widely recognised European standards (NF XP 12-207) .

Eurocornici works closely with the principal certification bodies and is a certified company


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